Installation and Configuration of Arch Linux

I bricked my Macbook Pro this weekend and took the opportunity to upgrade to a Windows 10 / Linux dual boot. I purchased a Lenovo T470 because it was rated well for both Linux and Windows and was built for buisiness-grade programming.

Eudaimonia and the Path to Happiness

My first year of college, I met up with a friend at Tate Street Coffee shop. Tate Street Coffee was on the outskirts of campus on a small street packed with bookstores, boutiques,and diners. We met to discuss the topic “on how to achieve happiness.”

Project: Banxre, a Simple NodeJS API

In my current project building out an IoT Hub in Azure, there was a necessity to bootstrap and scale an API with mock JSON as the API was being built. Starting with a boilerplate JSON Server, Banxre added additional features to make the JSON Server framework modular and scalable.

Designing in Shifting Sands

We feel we are capable of creating perfect things. Many of us chase this idea our entire lives. Chasing this gives us a sense of satisfaction and lets us create long term goals for ourselves. Gauging ourself against the goal of creating the “perfect thing” shapes who we are.

Future Storefronts and Digital Interfaces

Online spaces are changing at rapid paces. We’re beginning to design web experiences that keep people engaged for hours each day. Interfaces react to user interactions and from these interactions we receive digital identities. Corporations based entirely on the web have spread across the globe. To keep up, it’s time to shift to new ways of thinking about how we do digital design.