I turned twenty eight today. They say if you don’t celebrate your birthday, no one else will celebrate it for you. My way of celebrating is reflecting, I guess.

Looking back, this may have been my best year yet. I’m surrounded by my closest friends, some at proximity, some at a distance. My fiancee and I are planning our wedding. I’ve changed jobs, and now I’m for the most part inspired at all hours of the day. I traveled to Kenya, India, and Aruba to work and to experience. It was the first time I’d left the states.

There was a time that I thought getting older would mean the end of inspiration. That as I aged, I would lose the energy to create. That I’d fade into the shadows and rot behind a desk.

That may happen eventually, but I’m happy to say that I’m not rotting yet. I may actually have more focus and drive now than I’ve ever had.

I’ve grown a love for the process of creating this year, more than ever. Every day I look forward to what I’m going to do rather than what I’m going to make. I’m focusing more and more on the details that go into what I’m making rather than the final product itself. The final product never ends up what I expect it to be. So I’m finding that the time spent building it (writing it, drawing it, etc.) is the most rewarding time in the process.

I have a series of projects planned that I’m actively contributing to. Some projects are tools to make the complex simple. Others are grandiose ideas that may never reach fruition. You’ll hear more about Codex, Tiktaki, Xumske, Omeyocan, and Uppakoma soon. On a wider scale, I’ll be contributing more to the P2P community, and mesh IoT networking. These are my passions as a programmer and I’ll be pursuing them with whatever force I have.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been difficult to reach this year. I took a step back from social networking to get my head around why I was doing it and how I could make it more positive. I maintain very few social platforms now, and the ones I do maintain, I care deeply about and I don’t plan on leaving. With the changes I’ve made this year, lately I’ve been having a great time on the internet.

Turning twenty-eight means that I’m well on my way to thirty. Thirty used to seem like a big milestone. I’m not worried about passing that milestone now. I’ve found my passions. I’ve set my private and public goals. I’m inspired and full of energy to create work. As long as I’m contributing to the communities I support, aging doesn’t seem relevant.