Project: Banxre, a Simple NodeJS API

In my current project building out an IoT Hub in Azure, there was a necessity to bootstrap and scale an API with mock JSON as the API was being built. Starting with a boilerplate JSON Server, Banxre added additional features to make the JSON Server framework modular and scalable.

JSON Server out of the box requires all JSON to be included in one file. This meant that i’d be maintaining a file of 20K+ lines. In order to scale the application and break it into reusable segments, the application structure was refactored into an /API/ folder to include all of the necessary JSON. To ensure that the application could deploy to Azure, a startup file was included to do the bulk of the startup work – server.js.

When the application is booted, all files in the /API/ folder are compiled into a single database file that is then watched by the application.

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