A Manifesto for Post-Veganism

At some point the Veganism sizzled out and died in the Western metropolis. We now have aisles dedicated to our cause, brands emerging from NYC to Silicon Valley custom-tailoring their products to suit our needs: Daiya, Soylent, Oatly, Beyond Meat. There are too many to count.


I turned twenty eight today. They say if you don’t celebrate your birthday, no one else will celebrate it for you. My way of celebrating is reflecting, I guess.

The Haunted Web

When I tell ghost stories of my time in The South, I talk of old hospitals and ancient beaches. The subtle coldness and fear of the experiences that I had. Transient feelings never quite solidified as memories. Never internalized to a point that I could reflect on them in a deep way. Lingering somewhere in me, both as part of my story, yet never a part of me or of the physical world for that matter.

Radical Sobriety For Moderates

There is no perfect path in life. Rather, a path of mistakes, analysis, and gradual improvement.

The First Fifteen Minutes

Most creative tasks I engage in consistently have shaky starts to them. Take for example Writing and Coding. Getting into the flow is often more difficult than actually producing anything meaningful.